Patrick Sawyer, Conspiracies Arising

Fulan's SITREP

6th/7th August 2014

Florence Israel wrote:
Ebola In Nigeria: Patrick Sawyer’s Mission Accomplished? A doctor and a nurse dead by Ebola, seven people confirmed to go by Ebola,
Hospital matron already showing symptoms of Ebola.

What was the Liberian’s
mission if not to bring this disaster to Nigeria.
Why did he refuse to be
screened for ebola at the airport to the extent of fighting medical personnel even when confirmed ill, if not to achieve his aim? And if we are to go by several eyewitness accounts why would he intentionally throw
his body fluid at nurses caring for him if not to spread the infection? Yet he came on a diplomatic mission. Is this not enough to severe diplomatic ties with Liberia?


There are so many questions that remain unanswered about what transpired on the day Patrick Sawyer landed in Lagos. His behaviour at the airport has…

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